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Cena: 100.00Eur
Bez Nodokļa: 82.64Eur

ЕС metroloģiskā pārbaude (CE M )

�� 8 memory unit price key, convenient to operate when busy.
�� High anti-interference. The radiation intensity to radio frequency electromagnetic fields up to 10v/m.
�� Auto-power saving design, will enter into the stand-by status automatically without any operation (user-defined 4~200 seconds at will, 200 seconds won��t enter into auto-power saving status) only consuming 21��A., able to be awake by any loading or operation due to the inner shaking mechanism.(Please tap the platter when there is no response in loading).
�� Support backlight (PS1XB/PS1XC/PS1XD) shift function by pressing the backlight key for 1.5 seconds, able to save electric power by turning off backlight in bright area and extend service life of dry battery. 
�� CHG function, assist users to change notes accuracy.
�� Store 70PLU(PS1XD).
�� Support price-lock function, suitable to sell weighing commodity of same price.
�� Price unit (500g) or kilogram (KG) can be set, suitable to traditional market.
�� Two optional ranges: 15kg (e=2g/5g) or 30kg (e=5g/10g).

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