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Solaris 7820
        Reads 5.0 mil Bar Codes:  Aggressively decodes high-density bar codes and optimizes checkout procedures Multiple Interfaces: Provides infrastructure protection and ensures compatibility with most POS systems Diagnostic Indicator:  Enables fast and easy troubleshooting and decreases downtime Remote c …
Bez nodokļa: 327.27Eur
Fusion 3780
        Primary omnidirectional scan pattern: Aggressive scanning of bar codes in any orientation, increasing throughput Secondary single-line scan pattern: With a push of a button, switch to a targeted single-line for menu scanning Automatic stand detection: Hands-free operation for presentation scanning, reducing operat …
Bez nodokļa: 252.82Eur
Genesis 7580
        TotalFreedom:Expands scanner functionality by allowing image processing, decodingand formatting plug-ins to be loaded directly to the scanner instead ofthe host system Multiple On-Board Interfaces:Minimizes the number of service spares needed and ensures quick set upwhen new installations occur or when existing scanner …
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QuantumT 3580
Omnidirectional/Single-line mode:  Alternate between 20 scan lines for omnidirectional scanning and a single scan line for menu scanning Sleep Mode with IR wake-up:  Multiple sleep modes reduce power consumption, extending life and lowering cost of operation Small footprint:  Keeps valuable counter space clear Optional stands:  Customize the he …
Bez nodokļa: 244.63Eur